Sunday, 14 August 2016

Introductions to a Free From Life

Dear wheat and gluten  sufferers, today is all about introductions and the launch of my new blog and a life free from wheat and gluten!

My name is Lisa Marie Olson and I have been suffering with a severe allergy to wheat for over 17 years, having discovered that something was very wrong on my honeymoon. 

The aim of the blog is to share with you, my experiences  of living a life free from wheat and gluten. I will share my understanding of the differences between wheat allergies and gluten allergies which is also known as ceoliacs disease. 

We will look at lots of different free from products and will compare and contrast in terms of taste and nutritional value. 

We will also take a good look at managing a nutritionally balanced way of eating wheat free, the pitfalls of managing calorie intake, whether that's too little calories or too many calories due to the nature of some free from products, recipe sharing and my experience of travelling and dining out living a life free from wheat and gluten. 

For now though I shall leave you of this fantastic smoked salmon and avocado toastie served with fresh salad at the Organic Deli Cafe in Oxford. August 2016  

Thank you for taking the time to visit My Gluten Free World, your comments and feedback are most appreciated and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Please note that all content, text images or other relative content is copyright Lisa Marie Olson My Gluten Free World. Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or medical professional, the views and experiences that are shared are that of my own. Recipes provided that are shared will be a combination of my own, or adaptations from various sources which will be noted and are for personal use only. Where other recipes are recommend, you will be diverted to the appropriate recipe book or recipe giver. ALWAYS SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE A FOOD ALLERGY - IT IS NOT WISE TO SIMPLY JUST REMOVE A FOOD GROUP FROM YOUR DIET WITHOUT THE PROPER MEDICAL ADVICE.