Sunday, 4 September 2016

Warburtons Newburn Bakery Gluten Free Crumpets

We are talking gluten free crumpets today. I will keep this review short and sweet and simply state that Warburtons Newburn Bakery Crumpets are by far "The Best" crumpets I have tasted.

I have tried many brands of crumpets and none in my opinion taste as good as these!

They have a good consistent texture throughout, they hold together well when toasted and can be cooked from frozen.

Nutritionally they appear to lead the way in terms of being less loaded with starchy carbohydrates and sugar than other brands.

I love to eat them simply with real butter or as a treat a salted caramel topping. It is my Sunday morning treat.

Warburtons Newburn Bakery seem to have an increasingly growing product range fro Guten/Wheat free market.

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