Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Next dish in my batch cooking session, home made ragu, lean mince, veggies of choice, tinned tomatoes a few natural herbs such as bay leaves and mixed spices, salt, pepper, a little red wine and simmer for about 3 hours. For the veggie option use quorn mince or for vegans leave meat equivalent out, there is no stock used at all in either version and no milk or dairy products, ghee/coconut oil is used to moisten the pan. Great for freezing. This is a @hemsleyhemsley recipe and I have to say that not all their recipes contain meat and the use of broth is entirely optional. So vegans and vegetarians may find this useful. 😊. #hemsleyhemsley #ragu #wheatfree #wheatfreediet #wheatfreeliving #glutenfree #glutenfreedining #glutenfreeliving

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