Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone! Well as Christmas draws nearer I thought I would explore some wheat/gluten free offerings. I found this Gluten Free party platter at M & S to order-in. Its quite pricey at £30 but is something that all guests could eat. Though Ive not tried this one myself , I have tried lots of wheat free Christmas food by M & S and all so far delicious. Though I did want to say, please be careful as some products are marked “Made without Wheat” and some marked gluten free, so I always cross check everything to make sure there is nothing hidden in the ingredients. In the main with M&S Ive been able to eat both. 😊. #wheatfree #wheatfreediet #wheatfreeliving #wheatfreerecipies #glutenfree #glutenfreedining #glutenfreeliving

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