Thursday, 14 December 2017

Next on our Christmas review list is is the M & S wheat free Chistmas food bag. This is a great looking gift, however at £40 this is the extremely pricey. For me I don’t eat or like Christmas cake or pudding and I don’t drink red wine. Im not much for chocolate that isn’t a certain type and so that leaves the mince pies and popcorn. As we don’t tend to overeat at Christmas I would tend to go for a single box of mince pies that last the season. Ive bought more than one in the past and they have been left to go in the freezer. I love Christmas food, but in moderation as I hate that over eaten bloated feeling. Something I have suffered with since my diagnosis when diet became so restricted. 😊. #wheatfree #wheatfreediet #wheatfreeliving #wheatfreerecipies #wheatfreechristmas #glutenfree #glutenfreedining #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreechristmas #wheatfreemincepies

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